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Enrollment for CBSE Private Candidate – Anand APS

CBSE Private Candidate registration for the academic year 2023-2024 has been started. It is an opportunity for students who are unable to clear their 10th or 12th. It is new hope for students who are unable to continue their studies in regular school.

CBSE Private Candidate Mandatory Subjects of class 10th

Eligibility CBSE Private Exam: A CBSE private candidate in the case of CBSE private confirmation for the 10th and 12th students who are not a standard candidate but are permitted to appear for examinations held by CBSE. The CBSE Patrachar gives openings to dropout students—those who haven't been able to clear 10th. All students who have completed the 9th grade at a traditional school but can’t pass for some reason can take the exam by registering at the CBSE.

Subjects offered to CBSE private candidates: Through CBSE Private for the 10th and 12th grades, CBSE Patrachar clears the way for opportunities for candidates. The CBSE Patrachar subjects to CBSE private candidates, such as social science (which is compulsory), science, home science, and dialects like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, and Urdu. Separated from the compulsory subject, students need to select two dialects, two primary subjects, and one extra subject. The examinations are based on these choices and cover the same material as those taken by any CBSE board school.

CBSE Private Candidate admission is applicable for Residents of Delhi only. So, it is mandatory to have Delhi Residential proof in the name of the candidate in order to enroll in admission. Residential Proof can be in the form of Self Attested copy Aadhar card, the Latest Rent Agreement in the name of Parents/ Candidate, a Ration card mentioning the name of the candidate in legible form, etc.

You will be surprised to know if a girl had never gone to school can still give class 10th exam under CBSE PRIVATE CANDIDATE. Further, if a student after passing 10th or 12th wants to add any subject, can also do so under CBSE Private

The Students who were unable to clear Class 10th and Class 12th are eligible to re-appear in CBSE. Also, the Students who got their result as Compartment i.e not able to clear 1 or 2 subjects can also have the opportunity to re-appear as CBSE Private Candidate. The Students who are not satisfied with their Results can also appear under the improvement category within a period of one year of passing the examination.

CBSE Private Admit Cards 2023

CBSE Private Admit Card is issued in the same manner as in a regular school, also has the same datasheet and mark sheet as Regular school students which further clears the dilemma that it does not have the same value as of regular school. If candidate scores more marks as compared to regular school students then preference will be given to CBSE Private candidate.

At our educational institution, We have an expert counselor who will not only guide you in the Admission process to CBSE Private Candidate but also we have expert teachers who will help you in your studies which in return will help you score well in your CBSE Board examination.


The registration for class 10th and 12th for CBSE Private is going on, those students who want to save their precious year kindly contact for assistance of CBSE PRIVATE admissions.

If a candidate desires any information regarding 12th CBSE PRIVATE and Cbse Patrachar Admission or any information regarding 10th admission in Cbse patrachar, Cbse private or patrachar Vidyalaya must contact us immediately.

You can obtain any assistance regarding CBSE Private candidate admission.

We shall help you for CBSE Private or Patrachar Vidyalaya candidate Admission Either in class 10th or 12th.


  • Students whose result was declared as ESSENTIAL REPEAT or Failed in their previous board exams can opt for cbse private as cbse private as CBSE private serves a method for them to save their precious year.
  • Students placed in COMPARTMENT can also opt for CBSE private exam and can reappear for their board exams.
  • Students who could not appear for their board exams due to medical reasons or any other reason can appear for their CBSE Exams through CBSE PRIVATE.
  • Women candidate who is a bonafide of National Capital Territory of Delhi Is also eligible for CBSE Private examination.

Save your year and register yourself as soon as possible. You can reach us at the following number :

  • NORTH DELHI PRASHANT VIHAR, ROHINI - 7011535350, 9999447753
  • EAST DELHI - NIRMAN VIHAR -9999132085
  • SOUTH DELHI- KALU SARAI -8860650600


We at our educational institution have professionals who guide regarding CBSE PRIVATE eligibility criteria, fee structure, admit card, examination, etc. We do have a pool of trained faculty that further guides the students in proper studies in an innovative way by using visual aids, models, etc which further encourages students for studies.

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